Monday, July 18, 2016

Murphy strikes again!

Difficulties come in threes, you say !!!!!  
Don't bet on it if mr. Murphy has you in his sights.

To begin, of course, is the broken ankle.  Adding to the party we find our range's brain has taken a turn for the worst (the upshot here is you CANNOT bake in the microwave).  the DH comes from the car dealer where he was getting an oil change & a tire rotation where he is told for the third time that the tires are wearing before their warranty AND, of course, they can find no reason why this sould be happening - the folks at Les Schwab had previously told us they could find no reason the first two sets of tires were wearing this way, so we had changed tire manufacturers.  So, if we cannot get an answer from a THIRD opinion it's pay for tires more often than usual at a pro-rated price or get a different car.  Then, the mister was planning to go on a charity motorcycle ride on Sunday, gets part way on the ride and the bike dies, he can't get it to start on its own and finally gets it started with a jump - needless to say he comes directly back home.  The Harley shop is closed on Mondays so he has to wait until tomorrow to get an appointment.  
One of my plum trees has had the main part of the trunk break off and less than half the tree is left - the #2 GS helped me today to pick up all of the plums that were lost and to haul off the broken trunk while the DH is at work.  More than half the crop was lost.  
And not to us, but to my lovely DD; she had the unfortunate experience of being let go from her job. Yes, the one where the employer came looking for her to hire, the one she really loved and the one where she was finally feeling like she was getting ahead of the game.  And there was no real reason given for the action - no bad work record, no complaints, etc. etc.  Just that old saw, I guess, that you can be "fired" for any reason  - real or not.

So far only one positive spin in the whole darn litnay is that when I went to talk to the repair people at Howard Hughes Appliance in Moscow they were able to suggest to me some things I could try that might help, so they would not have to come out & we would not have to pay for a service call.  The suggestions paid off - the oven started working again & the clock, too.  Let this be a lesson to you; DO NOT buy appliances from Home Depot, even if they are less money.  They have no repair department, the appliances are often not quite the same as the ones that are sold under the same brand in appliance stores and often they do not make parts for the Home Depot ones.

I've decided that once I save up for my greenhouse I am starting an account to have the gas plumbed to the kitchen & I am getting a gas range !!

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