Friday, July 22, 2016

Finish (trying) on Friday

Well, nearly all of the pie cherries are gone - a volunteer from Backyard Harvest came and picked some - and I'll have mrD finish up the rest for me this weekend.  I refuse to let the good crops go to waste.  I can find someone who wants them!

He will also help me get the fireblight damage cut from the apple and pear trees.  It must be removed and taken away so as to try to avoid more infection.  One can't win, but one can fight back.

Well, the car is in for the THIRD opinion on the tire wear.  We may have to just live with it or actually try to afford a different car.  See a completely unhappy camper here.

On the craft front; I had a very unhappy experience: some of the stitches in my lace shawl slipped off the end of the needle  and it will be a difficult task getting them worked back up from their ravel.  I will have to concentrate and it will be another roadblock in the completion.  I seem to be always behind in the KALs.  Oh well, it is not of real crisis importance anyway; just so I can get it done.

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