Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WiP Wenesday

A small lull in fruit production; blueberries, rest of black raspberries, Cascde berries & first crop of raspberries all piced & processed into the freezer.
Now await the plums, pears, and apples.

Started on some crocheted baby hats for the class I will teach in October.  I want to make sure all the patterns I have really do work out.  There is nothing as discouraging as trying to make something from a bad pattern.  And, FREE patterns are not often checked well.

It's hot here & forecast for more to come.  I'm watering the gardens & flowers now as there hasn't been rain for quite some time.

I've an appointment in a week to see the orthopedist - hope I can get rid of this boot.  

In OTHER BAD NEWS, my #1 brother fell from the roof of one of his chicken barns when he missed the ladder coming down.  A badly broken leg/ankle will have to be repaired with surgery & screws.  It will put him out of the picture for 6-8 weeks depending on how things go.  It's a good thing his son-in-law was learning the "chicken business" so he can take over the work.  A speedy introduction to say the least.

msH is enjoying her dancing lessons.  I hope she is learning a bit and will like to continue in the autumn.

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