Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Wednesday worries

Some to really worry about and some to let go.

There's a fire in Wawawaii canyon on the Snake River.  The DD & #2 GS home is on one of the creeks emptying into the river and at the moment are safe from the fires, but around here one never knows what may happen.  Some cattle & a couple homes have been lost.  Prayers are for a quick resolution to the problem.

The heavy, heavy wind  broke my little Honeycrisp apple tree off right at the graft point, so we've lost another tree, but this time not to disease.  See here a VERY sad face.  The shade from and root invasion from; and the disease problems due to air restriction due to the :damn: poplar trees on our property line are leaving me no choice but to revamp our whole garden & orchard area.

Good news being that I got to remove the boot after my visit to the ortho doc yesterday.  I now have an ankle brace that I will have for a month.  The bone is healing well & I anticipate no troubles as I adhere to the "rules" so I can be free of problems. 

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