Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Rest

Yesterday I discovered (AGAIN) that I am not the energy-filled young one I used to be :~(.

I came home from my weekly shopping trip absolutely exhausted. Now I know that much of that is due to the stress I've had due to my dad's passing.  But, "boy-howdy" it was still a shocker.  I had to sit down as soon as I got here & wait to unload the car - luckily no perishables. Then pretty much the rest of the evening was "trashed".  

I took mrD out to supper before I brought him back to his mom, then I came back home and just read or played a game on my phone - OK I know, what a waste of time! - until I went to bed early.

I got peaches yesterday from the farmer's market and will dry & freeze them before I go to the homestead for ceremonies & much clean-up work.  We may not get much of our corn this year due to the absences, but I hope to find it a good home before it is wasted.  Don't have to worry about the potatoes, though, as they will stay good in the soil until they are dug.

I finished off harvesting the onions the other day and they are now dry & ready to be put away.  Not a great harvest, but useful all the same.

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Kathy said...

Sometimes "wasting" a little time in a mindless is activity is just what we need.

drMolly, the BeanQueen