Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting on with life

As my dad would say, crying just makes your eyes red, get on with living!

And, so to the best of our abilities we are doing so.

This week I've processed 2 boxes of pears = 11 Qts canned, 2 Qts frozen, and 10 trays of dried pear quarters (which will shrink down to small volume, but are OH SO GOOD!

I also tried drying some beans - first time for that & I shall see how they are when rehydrated.  May be an easier way to process than canning as one must use a pressure canner.

I see the apples are ready to pick, but I'm going to try storing them for a while in the refrigerator - not too long as they are not keeping apples, but maybe until all of the doing for my father's passing are completed.  

His interment at Willamete National Cemetary is on Setptember 1 with full honors.  Then our family will have a life celebration on September 10.  In the interim we will be trying to get everything on the place sorted, boxed and given to family members or sold.  The rest will be donated or have to be thrown out.  There is a LOT of things there.  My folks lived on the farm for over 65 years and as children of the depression there was not a lot of things that were just thrown out.

I shall miss them for the rest of my life !

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