Saturday, August 20, 2016

Again with the Murphy

only this time it is more than hard !

My father passed on Thursday - out in his garden, doing what he loved at the last.  He had been in good spirits; m&m3 visited with him on the way home Wednesday, they said he was in top form: "Grampa is there anything we can do for you before we leave?  Yeah!  You can pick up all those apples under the Gravenstein tree".  The #2 & #3 sisters spoke to him that evening and he was his regular self.  We still don't know what was the cause.  But, I guess now he can meet mom and stop missing her.

Then today, my #3 sister's family dog died.  Sarge was a good old boy and he will be missed, too.  It's a hard blow for her family on top of the loss of dad/grampa.

We are home from our camping trip - it was mostly good, if one discounts the bad news.  The weather was hot, but we have air conditioning in the trailer so can sleep at night before it cools down to the mountain night temps.  The yellow jackets were bad, but we ate inside to avoid problems from them.  

I got started on the sweater I'm knitting for this fall, but WHOO-WHEE that is a difficult pattern to follow.  I've had to do so many do-overs that I can't even remember how many.  I finally wote down the directions in my own hand just so I didn't get lost so much.  Still having problems, but not so many.  Well, as they say, you get what you pay for and the pattern WAS free.

OK, I think this is all I can deal with right now.  Grieving is a really heavy duty job.

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