Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Home and preparing for autumn & winter

Frost touched down a bit here last night.  "Kissed" the cucumbers & the dahlias so I know is was here.
I'm beginning the preparations for the cold.  Before I left for my dad's service & such I got the berries pruned, but need to tie them up for winter.  Today I dug the extra tulip bulbs so I can separate & gift them to my friends.  Next year those out front and the daffodils will be divided.
The early corn is past its prime so I shall have to turn it into soup corn.  I've not tried the later variety yet, but hope there may be some to eat fresh.
I've a few tomatoes to pick and some beets & carrots to dig, but they can wait a bit.
I've cleaned the craft room so now I can begin my quilting projects again.  I still have to clean off the cutting table as that is where I have placed pictures & things from my dad's place.  There is, of course, more to come when we finish up over there, but for now I have to deal with that which I brought back this time.  I have hung a couple of the quilts I took down while there, tho'.
I crocheted 3 bears for TMBP while I was at the homestead; they need stuffing & faces, but then will be ready to send.
I'm trying to keep busy so as not to lose myself in grief, but it is ver hard.

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