Wednesday, November 30, 2016

HEY ! it's snow;

this morning it has begun to snow.  
Image result for snow clipartWho knows how long or how much we shall get.  We can pray that it will get cold and give us a lot of the white stuff, but who can tell now with the climate change ???  
I guess I will finally put the rest of the protection on the berries and call the gardening season a close.  We shall see what survives this winter then next spring.
I'm going back to the doc for a follow-up on my shoulder, it is still hurting & the PT had me see doc again before seeing him for more possible work.  Hmmmm, again this getting old stuff is not for sissies !
I'm also going to try to finish the baby quilt - having to fix my errors has slowed me down.  I need to get on to Christmas gifts now, so need to finish it quickly.
I've the sweater for msH about three quarters done and my 2X2X2 socks are about that far, too.

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