Monday, January 16, 2017

making it on Monday

It's another COLD day here on the Palouse.  It is forecast to warm some, but I'll believe that when it occurs.  The snow & ice are built up everywhere and with the ground so frozen even if it does thaw there will just be floods everywhere as the water can't sink into the soil.

I've not gotten much done around here, but some cleaning and some sorting out of the things that I needed to do for my part of the chore my sister's & I gave ourselves for our folk's memory things.  I'm nearly done with the photos & slides.  It is a very hard job to decide to put much of the stuff into the trash.  It meant something to mom & dad, but for us sibs there is little that means something to us. Other than the fact that it was theirs and they knew from where the photos & memories came.

I'm working on another monster so msH can give one to her daddy.  "This is the one for daddy; he'll be a green monster."

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