Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday finishings

I could lie and say that the cold is finished, but.................................
we all know that is not true. ☹☹☹

But I do have one thing that is finally finished.  I think I've at last gotten rid of the "bug".  

I finished a beanie for the SFS, am nearly done with some leisure socks, and have started the next shawl in the Shawl Society series - the Asana Shawl.
I also finished 2 tops for the CASA quilts, one pieced back for said tops and am working on the second back. As soon as that is done I shall make quilt sandwiches and get to quilting them.

I also bought a new pattern for a long sleeve blouse that I wish to get started on.  
And I got out the serger, dusted it off and seamed some pieces of flannel I had rescued from a set of worn out sheets to make some sturdy "rag" soakers for cleaning use.

Boy, the domestic bug got me, didn't it, LOL???

Today is TaiChi lesson and I've been practicing every day so I can feel more comfortable with the new moves.   am not really good, but I surely do like the discipline and the activity.

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