Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

today I had to go get a paper saying that the DH had mumps when he was a boy - a titer test to indicate he was exposed.  Why? you might ask.  As a bus driver he is around school age children and, well, it seems that WA state has a mumps epidemic occuring.  
Whatever is wrong with folks that they don't get their childrem vaccinated??  Yes, I know there is a slight chance of some bad reactions, BUT is it not far better to prevent your child from getting a disease that could cause bigger problems later in life OR to have them be the source of infection to some child who has a compromised immune system or to be the source of further infections?  
OK, I've had my rant for today.  
But, people, PLEASE do some research, use some common sense and consider something else besides yourselves.

Got one more dishcloth done & am up to the heels on the socks.  I'm going to start work today on some CASA quilts for one of the charities of choice in my quilting group.  These quilts are given to children who must enter the foster system.

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