Monday, January 23, 2017

making it on Monday

OK!  moving forward with this year's word.  I've been focussing on "POSITIVE" in all that I do and I actually am gaining ground, I think.  I feel much better having a goal. I tend to be a person who "must" do something - although sometimes it is just planning - to feel I've been successful.  Comes from being a definite type I personality, I guess.

Anyway, 'nuf' psychology for today.

I'm having to cook the rest of my squashes to put them into the freezer as they had started to spoil. But we love squash no matter what, so not a problem.  

I got the knitting for the Amulet Shawl from the Shawl Society finished; now have to wash & block and it will be ready to wear.  I plan to do a bit of sewing today, too, before I take msH to dance class.

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