Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tune up on Tuesday

I have returned from 5 days of homestead wrangling.  We had an estate sale for the folk's rock collection where we were able to re-home lots of rocking tools/machines and mineral samples.  The people who came to the sale were for the most part really nice and glad to be able to get such good deals on their hobby of choice.  It was good to know that my parent's legacy was going to so many places. 
It was hard to be at the old place without anyone else there (one sister & 2 brothers there during sale, though). Made me so sad.  
I know it's the way the world goes, but it is depressing to know that the property will be sold & divided up into little 5 acre parcels for somebody to build "McMansions".

On the home front it snowed some more 😠😢😞😞😞 
I am tired of it by now, but nothing can do but dream in the garden catalogues.

Trying to get the last nephew quilt done so I can get on to other sewing.  Takes time is all, LOL.

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