Monday, April 03, 2017


OK, we have 5 new baby chicks.  We have onion plants & potato starts to plant.  We have bulbs & tubers of sensitive flowers to plant.  We have some emergency pruning to do before sap is flowing too much.  We garden beds to move & construct.  We have berries to trim & "string".  We have a chicken pen & house to move, then put up new fencing.  Then, of course, there is the home maintenance to start.  

Too much on the calendar you say ?????

Well, that is a home owners lament, LOL.

I just returned from quilt camp for the last 4 days - a good thing to have such a good experience to help me "slide into" all of the work around here.  Now that spring has finally arrived it will be full-steam ahead for quite some time.

I did finish two quilts while I was at camp.  One for our msH and one for the CASA.  And I have to prepare for our quilt show this next weekend.  I am the chair of the admissions table, so have to get a little decoration ready for behind the table.  I don't do much as the whole thing is to showcase the entered quilts, but it's nice to have it be welcoming to our guests.

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