Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Working on Wednesday

I'm doing my best to catch up.  
A bout of shingles DID NOT help.  I got some anti-viral from the doc & it is helping.  
I found out everyone who has had chicken pox should get the shingles vaccination, even if you have had shingles (& now I've had it twice) because the virus can cause permanent nerve damage & pain.
So as soon as I am well again off to the pharmacy I go to get one!

In other areas the weather is finally looking like it will be stable for a bit and the gardening can get going.  I'm thinking that this will be a spare year due to the late start time.
I've peas inside in pots that are up so they will have a better chance of getting something on them before the HOT weather.  I've also got the potatoes in pots as they were all sprouting and we can't work the soil yet.
Out in the orchard/berry patch I've lots of work to do. The new apple trees have arrived plus a replacement blueberry.  I will need to plant them all this weekend and get the rest of the berry canes pruned and tied up.

Hobbies are being delagated to the evenings so not much progress at this time.  

But I'm not complaning - I love, love, love the sun now.

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