Monday, June 26, 2017

Long HOT days of summer are here,

finally - although I do think I could do without.  There's not going to be much of a garden harvest this year.  First it's too cold to get things in and then it just cooks them.  
We have to be gone from Wednesday through Sunday and I'm afraid the few peas that are there will be too old when we get back.  The beans had such a slow start and they just can't seem to get going even with the heat.  It is depressing all the way 'round.

We're going for "the last supper" at the old homestead.  The sibs figure it will be the last time we can all get together before the property is no longer in our family.  I'm so sad, even when I KNOW that it has to be.  We'll be bringing back some things that we get from the homestead stash.  WE want everyone to take as much as they are able to as the rest will be going to charity.  We thought we might have a estate/yard sale, but it is just too difficult to co-ordinate with everyone so far away.

I've been slowly getting some quilting done and a bit of knitting & spinning.  When I come in from working out in the heat I am too tired to get much done.  Ane today I need to make bread - something I do enjoy, but does take time.

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