Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

Some thoughts.........I am having some closure on my parent's passing.  We did "the last supper" and my sisters & I finished dividing the things left when the folks died.  I do not plan to return to the homestead again; it is just too sad for me.  I am having such a bad time with grief that I do not want that added burden.  And to see it cut up into little 5 acre parcels will be too much to bear.

The peas were ready to pick when we got home and I got enough fresh peas for 2 meals.  The strawberries were ready, too, so we will have some fresh ones & some for the freezer.  Of course the weeds are going crazy.  
AND to top things off I got a summer cold so I feel very miserable and have no impetus to go out and work in the heat.  And, boy! is it hot now.

Crafts are slightly on the back burner now with gardening, etc. to deal with, but I get a little done. Several projects in the works: shawls, socks, quilts, & sorting through pictures so we don't leave the back log to the kids like my sisters & I had.

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