Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

more Hot
and more Hot
plus throw in some smoke, too.

I'm outside in the mornings trying to get ready for autumn and winter in the gardens.  Harvested the early pears and was able to share 2 boxes with the local Backyard Harvest.  Plums are next and there will be PLENTY to share.
Veggies are coming to a close; need to dig potatoes and harvest beets & carrots.  There will be a little corn, but the beans were a total bust as the heat killed the pollen, so bean pods with no beans inside.

Getting my entries ready for the fairs; I am entering in both fairs this year.  Entries in the Latah County Fair as an answer to a joint challenge between one of our Palouse Patchers & myself, and entries in the Palouse Empire Fair because our Wool Gatherers participate in demonstrations there and I want to share my work, too.

I find if I work hard and try to keep occupied it helps me with the grief process I am still going through.  I guess one never does "get over it", but I am trying to make it less of an effect on myself.
When I lost my dear friend Lynn a few weeks back it just brought it back into primary focus and I'm trying hard to fight back.
On a positive note; after the third try I got a replacement lamp shade for the Ott light I inherited from mom & dad's home.  The people who did the shipping just could not "get" the idea that they had to pack the shade with lots of protection and label it fragile.  I'm sure they did not make much money on that purchase.

Blessings on all today and always.  

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