Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Tune-up on Tuesday

Still hot, still smokey, still difficult to get outside work done.  

I picked some plums yesterday and took a box down to the post office in an effort to share the bounty. I dried some green beans that I got from the post office by someone else's bounty 😄😄😄.

Here is Charlie bear #45 for the Mother Bear Project
I also finished up a pair of shortie socks for myself.  They were of cotton/wool blend yarn and I think I need to use a smaller number of stitches in my cast on when using this yarn.  The socks are stretchy and a bit too large, I think.

On Sunday the mister & I took the grands, great-grand & DD to the water park for early/late birthday celebrations and a cool-off time in the water.  It was fun and I know the kids enjoyed the water very much.

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