Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sumptuous Sunday

It was a fun day and now I smell like sheep, LOL.

At our Wool Gartherers meeting we felted fleeces to make a rug. As in any time one "plays" with wool right off the sheep, one gets to deal with lanolin.  A smell I find very nice.  So, OK, take out the poo and deal with it,😁😁, but the lanolin makes one's hands soft and smell so good.

My rugh turned out very nice.  I have to do some rinsing and some more felting, but it's going to be good.  It's very pretty too.  
I enjoyed myself, plus our usual potluck was really good, too.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting some more outdoor work done when I can before it gets too hot.  HOT is in the forcast again, but the work does need to be done.

Otherwise I'll work in doors and get some quilting done, I think.  I'm not going to spend all my time doing housework!!

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