Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Socks & Pheasants

Some sort of title, LOL.
My dad called when he received the Father's Day socks - see last post for pic. He was so excited you could hear it in his voice - & this from a man who is understated in virtually everything he speaks on, VBG - to tell me that they fit really well, were so comfortable & the color that he liked so well. "It is the first thing that people remark upon, who see the socks." - direct quote from him.
I am so glad he liked them. As you all probably know, it's really difficult to make a gift for your dad that he will love as much as you loved making it for him.
Next stop, finish mom's socks.

OK, now for the second part of the title. On the weekend Mike & I went out to my DD's home for a BBQ. She & Lawrence and the boys live on a big Palouse farm - where Gary & Marie live, too - out near Colfax, WA. L's folks have been having some medical problems so the kids have been doing the yard work, etc.
Kate wanted to show me the vegetable garden, so we were walking out there past the folk's house. L. had mowed the yard and around the flower bed. Apparently, a mama pheasant had made her nest in the "hedge-row" of peonys & other flowers; L. mowed the grass between the flower clumps and must have scared the mama who left with the chicks that had already hatched. Kate went over to look at the nest with the egg shells in it, & she called to me. "Mom, this egg's alive!" - one of the baby's apparently was hatching late and was just pecking his way out of the egg. We picked up his egg & I held it to keep it warm while we went back to the house. K. got a box & a heating pad and put a towel over the pad. We put the egg down & covered the box. The baby finished hatching & the next day was eating & drinking. They were not sure what to do as they were afraid if they raised it that it could not return to the wild & some critter would eat it.
As luck would have it, here at the University there is a group that specializes in rehabilitation of injured wild animals. They told K. that they would take the baby, raise it & return it to the wild, so it can be like any other pheasant.
Our rescue will be a success!!!

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Knitting Rose said...

Wow - I can't imagine my Dad being so positive about socks! They are beautiful too - good job... I looked at some of your older posts -you have some AWESOME quilts!! and your socks are awesome too!!

drMolly, the BeanQueen