Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the Holiday-of-not KAL

Well, you'd think with a yarn as commonplace as "WoolEase Worsted" that one would not have any trouble with things like getting more of a particular color - like white. I had started the Christmas Stockings for the grandsons with some WoolEase white that I had left from another project. I purchased some red & green for the other colors needed in the stockings. Because I am making 2 stockings, I did not have enough white and figured I'd just purchase some more.........
Well, that shows me to have such thoughts - could not find any plain white at any of the usual places one would get WoolEase; tried 2 different JoAnn's, Michael's, & Walmart to no avail. All that they had was white with glitz. Now I've had to modify the stockings to account for the fact that part of them will be of white glitzy yarn. Such stockings for boys, LOL. I hope they won't mind too much.

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