Friday, August 14, 2009

Yummy yarny goodness!

I got in the mail yesterday this lovely Malabrigo worsted that I ordered for the two afore-mentioned vest KAL's.

So, as I said in Jackie's podcast group's thread about vest KALs, I have now "3 birds to kill with one stone" (

This will be my first experience with Malabrigo yarn - one hears SO much about how wonderful it is on Ravelry & podcasts - and I'm sure it deserves it because just touching it tells one that it is soft & luscious! And, I can also understand now why it probably would not be good to do socks of the fingering weight, too, due to the soft spin of the single ply.
Yesterday after we got back from shopping for additional motorcycle riding supplies - we bought gloves for both, boots for "the Postman" (they did not have my size), leather chaps for me (he wanted pants, but there were none in his size - leather gear is hard to find at times), a new helmet for "tP" as his full face one gave him claustrophobia, and found that no one had the helmet-helmet communication gear we wanted - we made some decisions about the trip. We decided we would wait until we got to my folks' house and go to some shops around there for the things we were missing (there will be a much better selection in a larger area). We can make do with what we could get, just have to be extra careful (as if we would not anyway) not to have any spills. We are carrying, besides our sets of clean underwear & socks, LOL, water, sunblock, & some food. We plan on taking plenty of stops to rest, walk around & make sure "tP" is not too tired to drive as I will be of no use to spell him!
Then I picked the cucumbers that were ready from the garden & with the extras I had purchased at the Farmer's market I made pickles: a batch of "Irma Pickles" (named for a deceased friend of my mum who made my dad's favorite pickles, a sort of B&B pickle that is made fresh & stored in 'frig', not canned) and a batch of quick (not fermented in brine) Dill Pickles in which I put some peppers, dill (of course) and some garlic for psuedo Kosher-style.
While I was doing this "tP" dug up our electric dog fence to find the wire break that was allowing Buster to take un-sanctioned walks about the neighborhood while we were at work. He found one break & repaired it, but has to test it still to make sure it will be working while we are gone. Our pet minder should not have to be troubled to let him in & out of his kennel two times a day when he's never had to do that before. We feel fortunate that we have someone who will trade us pet-sitting chores, especially as he has just one bird & we have all our critters.
So, there will be perhaps one more post before we leave & then an hiatus for ~4-5 days while we are gone.


Daniele said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your knitting progress.

You are going to have such a wonderful time on your trip, I just know it!! Make sure you give us all the details when you get back. Enjoy!

Jan said...

What an interesting blog! I have bookmarked and shall be back.

drMolly, the BeanQueen