Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday after a "working weekend"

It's Monday & I'm pooped still from the work over the weekend.
Rosevale Chronicles: We cultivated up an area to prepare for maize planting next year. This is an area to one side of our lawn & between it and McKinley street. The ground was very hard and difficult to work up. "the Postman" used a heavy duty rear-tine tiller, but it was still a real chore. Before he tilled we spread what was left of our composted manure & some leftover topsoil. On Wednesday we are getting another load of composted manure to put on so it can break down over the winter, then it will be tilled in the spring before planting. I harvested the apples on the 'Fiesta' apple tree. Then we said goodbye to that tree and cut it down. The fireblight had damaged it quite badly; there were weeping cankers on many of the branches so we decided that it would be better for the other trees to just get rid of one source of infection. We will replace it with another apple that, hopefully, will have better resistance. "the P..." started on the lawn mowing after the tilling, but did not get quite finished, so I expect he will finish that on Wed - his other day off. I also worked on cleaning up some of the garden & getting ready to put it to bed for winter. I cut the cabbages, put them in the frig, then cut some swiss chard for supper on Saturday. I also picked a few more strawberries & raspberries on Sunday - we had berry shortcakes with whipped cream. All in all a lot of work for a couple of days. Today after work I prepared some of the pears I bought last week to put into the dryer. There will be more for making jam & to dry also.
tales of drMolly: more virus testing today - there's always something that needs it - plus pollination of the wild beans & the P. coccineus lines in the greenhouse and lots of notes about the accessions.
post-office patter: more LONG-LONG days for "the P..." - folks are on vacation or sick leave.
hobbies: not much to report here - way too much work going on - mystery socks, vest KAL, SFS socks, 3 sweaters in various stages OTN; a new zipper to be put in for the #2 grandson's jacket that lost the pull part, & some sewing for myself still in the planning stage.
On Wednesday we will take the RV into the winter storage site.

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