Sunday, November 15, 2009

Progress on projects.............

Rosevale: It's freezing every night now & I didn't get the dormant oil spray in time to get it on the trees, ie. the hose that 'tP' left out for me after he was done with the gutters is frozen, although he emptied it as well as he could & there's snow all over. I can hope that somehow it will melt off & I can get the trees done. If not it will be the late winter / early spring before I can get it done. I figured out a way to cover the wheelbarrows, so the over-wintering outside won't be so hard on the wooden handles & the one that has a metal bed. Filled bird feeders and wrote myself notes about getting down the holiday lights so we can get them up in time. Colton is "famous" (in the area) for the citizen's holiday light displays & we like to participate.
tales of drM: I got the last of the testing done this week, but it will start up soon after we get back from vacation, I know. There has been good harvest of seed from the "wild guys" that are growing in the front of the GH - it makes me feel good when we have such good results.
PO patter: 'tP' finished his work week on Thursday & went off to visit his BF "carver" for a few days before I get vacation time. He said during their fishing trip they caught 3 big channel catfish. He left the fish with another friend that they were fishing with as he didn't have a way to bring them home. Secretly I was glad - I really don't like catfish, although I always cook it for him when he brings them home; I just don't eat them, LOL.
hobbies, hobbies: Here's a photo of progress on the green 'vanilla' socks and the re-start of the FLS.
And a photo of the MANY dishcloths I've completed for Christmans gifts.

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Betani said...

Oh, I hope your hose doesn't split! I hate when that happens.

Love the color of those socks!

drMolly, the BeanQueen