Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank you modern medicine!

I succumbed to the migraine I've been courting for a couple of days early this morning - the pain finally kept me from sleeping. I got up and took one of the tablets from my Rx (I am always hesitant to use chemicals in my body 'cuz' we get so many we don't know about just from our environment) and told 'tP' I was staying home & sleeping until it was gone. I awoke at ~9:00 and was pain-free. I am so sorry for all of the folks in the past who had to suffer from this malady and had no recourse. One should always be grateful for living in the present, even with all of our ups & downs. If only people could just "get it together" and see what we could do with all of these wonderful things!?!?!
It is alreay pretty hot here and forcasted for more of the same into next week. We've been watering the garden and the berries so we can get a good harvest. But, it helps the weeds to grow, too; 'tP' said he will help me weed the corn patch this evening and also hill up the corn plants so we will have maximum stability for them in high winds.
I plan to work more on my craft room today, too. It is beginning to take shape and since I've instituted my record system, I figure I will be able to find my supplies and get some fun things done.
I've found some really fun looking bags to make on the new sewing circle site - it's a bit like Ravelry, but for sewers - go there you'll love it!
Here is a photo of my wonderful prize I got from the Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry AND another of my spindling the NZ wool on the light-weight spindle:

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