Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Topping it off on Tuesday

Hurrah!  the doors are nearly done.  A good thing, too as the carpet layers are coming tomorrow morning.  I can hardly wait to have it done so we can FINALLY get the house back to what it should be.  
OK, I know there is more to be done; we're getting new counter tops & sinks, but oh my!  I'll actually be able to put our things back into their right places.  It just will not be so disturbing for the rest.

I've nearly finished the sweater for msH and I've finished one side of the borders for the Round Robin quilt. Slow, but sure!

A lovely day today - one of those sneaky ones out here on the Palouse - sunny & clear.  Just gets you to thinking how nice it is gonna' be when spring/summer gets here.  But, O-O-O-O you still have to wait.

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