Friday, March 20, 2015

Fabulous Friday - Happy Vernal Equinox

It was a great day here on the Palouse today.  Although it did not quite get to the 65 predicted, it did get to 61.  Most of the day was overcast, and we did miss the sun, but it made it easier to work out-of-doors without getting a sunburn on our winter-tender skin.  YUP! it was warm enough to work without a jacket.

We raked leaves, roto-tillered a bit, and I planted some early seeds: coles & spinach.  I pruned my forsythia - it always seems to get some winter kill no matter how mild the winter has been.  It has a lot of the pretty yellow flowers for which the bush is famous.
The daffodils are now beginning to bloom, there are a few of the miniature blossoms for us to enjoy.

I worked on the Sassy Socks a tiny bit this morning while I drank my tea, but then I was off to get that outside work started.  There is going to be lots of things to get done before the heat begins & we expect it to be early this year.

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