Friday, August 07, 2015

Finishing on Fridays

Not much finishing, but lots of doing - the DH is sanding for the repainting of house trim and I've begun the autumn version of the bi-yearly window washing (on the outside of the house). 

I mailed off the latest mother bear project bears yesterday - I'm up to 37 bears that I've either knitted of crocheted. 

msH's sweater is coming along slowly.  I forgot to measure her last time she was here so I could start on some new clothes for her, but that shall have to wait until the next time she is with us. 
The hubby helped me do some measurements of myself so I could get some better fit into the clothing I want to do for myself.  No matter what your size or shape nothing will fit if you don't have the right measurements.  I plan to make a light weight robe, a couple of long sleeve blouses & a new jumper (not the English sweater, LOL).

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