Monday, February 01, 2016

It's February !

Still pretty cold, but this weekend the #2GS helped me by raking up all of the leaves that had fallen after GP did them last fall.  The ones that had been under the snow; makes them harder to gather, but he did a good job and now I have less mess in the garden area.

Image result for smiley clipart facesthe DH & I put new hinges on the doors of his "tiny man-cave" - the place he stores his tools, the lawn mower & the weed whacker - so now he can close them again.  The old hinges (of useless plastic) had broken and the wind had ripped the doors right off the shed, necessitating new ones.

I have received part of my garden seeds, but of course, it's too early to begin anything.  
I have all of the needed equipment now for my germination station: the station itself, a germinating pad and a thermostat to control temps for various crops.  

So when it's time I can start.

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