Monday, July 17, 2017

Making it on Monday

Some of the heat has backed off, for which I am truly greatful!

I've been picking berries; the strawberries are done, the black caps nearly done, the cascade berries about half through and the early raspberries about half also - late ones to come in September.
There are not many veggies, but a few will be able to make their maturity, I think.  There WILL be potatoes as they did not seem to be bothered by the unstable weather.  The garlic is nearly ready to be pulled and onions, too.  A few fava pods are in show and the corn plants are finally "knee-high".  Few beans are on the horizon as the hot weather just did them in.  There will be some carrots and a few beets.  The cucumber plants are finally taking off, but we shall see if there is enough time to get any of them.

I'm making bread today and plan to try to get a pie made, too.

I've completed the main freezer clean and now have to catalogue and return the contents to the correct freezer. It will be nice to have one for meats and one for fruits & veggies.

I've photographed the TSS II shawl #1 "the Fairyhill Shawl" and posted on Ravelry.  I even got it together and entered all of my on-going projects in there, too 😇😇.  I finished up the stabilizing of the bedspread that my mom asked me to do so many years ago.  Sorry it took me so long mom;  I hope you can see it now from Paradise.  I'm working on some UFO quilts, too.

OK, on to the rest of the day.

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